Quarter 4 Art Project

Essence James

Quarter One Artist Statement

My Artist Statement

I created an eye, I’m not sure why I did it just appealed to me. I think it kind of shows the different colors that we see throughout the day and how they light up our eyes. I also think this painting really outlines the beauty of vision that many take for granted, and I hope that’s what people see when they view this painting. I hope they find it creative and see it how I do. In past art Ive worked on, I always hoped to outline and enhance whatever I was doing. I believe that’s what I did with this eye; I took something simple and used colors to enhance and embrace its inner beauty.

This painting fits in with contemporary art because it's showing a color wheel and how artist learn to mix different colors to make new ones. My art fits into the history of art practices because it demonstrates how the pioneers of art first learned how to mix colors. I don't feel as though my art necessarily fits into a category because my past art projects have never been with paint or anything relatively in this category. I didn't have one source of inspiration for my images, after looking through several of images online and work by different artist like

Frida Kahlo, I came up with my idea. One technique that was important for my drawing was making streaks in one direction. This was essential to keeping my paining looking neat.

Basically this was an important project for me because I learned how to manage my painting better. This project helped me notice how to capture somethings beauty and elevate it and I overall enjoyed it and learned a lot from it as a whole. Next time I have a project I hope to improve it even more.
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Quarter 2 Artist Statement

I created two separate pieces of art and attached them together to make one. I first drew the flowers, then the eye. Together they worked well so I decided to make that my final project. I chose to create this art because I thought that it would be unique. I had two different pieces art and looking at them I really liked the way they worked together. It was a line value texture drawing using charcoal. I have a love for eyes and flowers, I never thought it’d look nice to combine them. I just wanted to convey an image that catches the eye and looks nice. I think it communicates that the artist has a love for eyes.
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Quarter 3 Artist Stateent

I created batman and used the colors red white and blue. I think I liked the contradiction; batman is known to be black but he is a variety of colors in my painting. I was hoping to show the people who view my work how you can play with colors and change the way things are “supposed” to be viewed. It was a multiple step process in order to come up with the final result of my work. First I had to pick three colors. I chose red blue and white; I believed they would work together nicely and create a nice purple, the white white making it a more lavender color.
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Growth as an Artist

I have learned that art is a broad subject and they are several different forms of art that all can communicate different things. Art also looks different depending on who is viewing it. People interpret different things from the same works of Art.

I have learned that I am better at drawing than I am a painting. I noticed different kinds of art makes me feel differently about it and that the more I work the more I grow as an artist

Weaknesses As An Arist

I believe I am not the best painter so that would definitely is a weakness for me. I am bad at controlling paint and painting inside of lines. I am also bad at blending colors. Paint in general is not my are of expertise.
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Best work

I believe this is my favorite piece of art for the year simply because it is the most appealing to the eye for me.

Future Art

I would like to improve my art in the future by working on my drawing skills and improving the quality of my value line texture work. There is not a specific a piece of art I'd like to make at the moment
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This kind of art inspired me the most because the colors and the way they blend together to make this image really captures my eye and I would hope that I could make something like this.