Internet Safety

Be safe Online 🔐

Don't Talk to Stangers

Talking to strangers is one of the things teens and children do on the Internet that is dangerous. While there probably are nice people on the Internet, there are also bad ones. For example, a teenage girl is meeting up with her Internet best friend for the first time after talking to each other for a year. The teenager told her best friend everything about her life yet the best friend didn't tell her much information. The girl ignored this fact so she walked to the park to meet her friend. On her way there a black van stopped next to her when she was walking on a deserted street. The van opens and a middle aged man came up to her and said Hi after that he kidnaps her. The police look for her, the parents cry for their little girl and then the police notice the best friend's account. That's the same account that hundreds of other girls claimed were their best friends and the account didn't belong to a teenage girl but to the most wanted criminal that is known for kidnapping, raping and then kill his victims so there is no evidence against him. Be safe who you talk to so you don't turn out like this girl.

Careful What You Post Online

The problem with this generation and society is that we over share a lot. While over sharing might not cause problem for some people, it can for many others. The problem is that people could be stalking your every move and could be waiting for you to be alone to do something to you like kidnap, rape, threaten your loved ones for money and other things. Over sharing can also help hackers have access to your personal information and can also help them steal your identity so don't over share your personal information on the Internet.

Cyber bullying

Everywhere you look there is some bullying going on wheter you know it or not. The bullying that happens on the Internet is sometimes way worse then it is in real life. Bullies can be anonymous on the Internet making it easier for them but harder on the one being bullied. The thing the one being bullied should do is to talk to an adult but it's not as easy as it seems since the bully is basically brainwashing them into thinking not to tell or that they aren't good enough. Cyber bullying is a serious issue that should be talked about more often.


The benefits of social media is that it helps us connect and talk to people all over the world. It also lets us record our memories so when are older we can look back on them.