MakerSpaces Expectations

How will it sound and look when we are creating?

Jose and his class being creative

MakerSpace Expectations @ Jackson Elementary Library
  • Be creative
  • collaborate and work together
  • listen to everyone's ideas
  • use appropriate VOICE levels for working together
  • stay in your area or at your table
  • everyone helps during clean-up

What do we do during Makerspaces time?

Ms. Beebee has collected several kits and other materials for YOU to explore...
Some of the materials are for one person, two people or more...
YOU can choose what you want to create, have a plan, then DO it!

These are creative pictures from our wonderful Summer School students-take a look!

Why are we using these materials to make things?

Clara is thinking about how to build a bridge...

YOU are using these materials to think about how to create and make something like a bridge, a house or a car. All of the materials have pictures and ideas...YOU need to think about what you want to create, make a PLAN and DO it! Have fun.
Makerspace is not recess-What does that mean to you?

This fabulous bridge was built by Aylin. She is an awesome engineer!

This kit was difficult to figure out but Aylin did most of it on her own...Wow.