This is Crystal Buckners short Bio.

My Family <3

My parents are Christopher and Lorena Buckner. My dad works for AT&T and my mom works at SJE as a 2nd grade teacher. I have 3 brothers Chris(18), Christian(11), and Christavian(2). I also have 2 sisters Alex(20) and Michelle(15). I'm the Middle Child. We are mixed with Black and Mexican.

My FAVORITE memory/ Hobby

MY favorite memory was Spring Break 2013. My brother Chris and I went to Austin and San Antonio and ate at the places from the tv show Man vs. Food. Then we went to Colorado with our tia and tio it was our FIRST time on an airplane. We went snowboarding and went to the Royal Gorge.

I don't really have a favorite hobby I like to do anything that just keeps me active.

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal from ones I have are dogs. I love dogs especially German Shepard's.

MY favorite animal that I don't have are Giraffes. They're just soo cute.