Bagels For Scholars

And more...

Help yourself to one or more of these fresh & delicious bagels and top them with the right amount of cream cheese spread. helps me - helps others. Remember always, 1 bagel minimum. :)

House Rules

1 - 1 bagel minimum (this is a joke, kinda :)).

2 - This is an honor system. No cashier, store clerks or cameras. Just your honesty.

3 - 10 % of net profits goes to bagel for scholars scholarship fund - check the current fund total at One of your kids will be the recipients.

4 - Suggested Minimum price: $1.00 . That barely covers costs, more goes a long way.

5 - SUPERSTAR price: $2.00. A bagel store still charges you more for the same.

6 - Let's assume a perfect world: Any week I receive a 100% payment rate and it turns out that people were generous and paid more than $1, that week I will give an additional 10% of the extra net profits will also be given to Bagels for scholars Scholarship fund.

Don't be shy!

Help yourself to one or more of these fresh & delicious bagels and top that with the right amount of cream cheese spread. Our bagels are delivered every morning at 6 AM by the bagel wholesaler New York Bagels and Bialy in Niles, IL who bakes fresh bagels 365 days using the best ingredients. These could be the same exact bagels you buy in your favorite bagel store...simply more expensive!

Kickstart your day off with a cream cheese bagel.

Bagels for Scholars will be delivering these bagels every weekday morning. Start your day off right with a fresh bagel w/ cream cheese.

Who am I?

My name is Michael. About 4 years ago I decided to move to the U.S.A. from my home country of Italy to pursue my post-secondary education in the USA. I currently am an Electrical and Computer Engineering undergraduate student at University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign but am interning in Chicago. Never have I regretted my decision of coming to the U.S. to complete my studies, the quality of education is simply great; But we all know how expensive it is to get educated in this country especially with the incomes that Italians receive. it has always been my mission to graduate debt free. It's everyone's dream at least. After deciding to try this social experiment with Bagels for Scholars, my slogan has become "Helps me - help others". I hope to be able to do this.

The scholarship recipients will be a randomly selected employee (they must have a child either enrolled in college/university or of any age younger than 20) that works at any of the businesses to which bagels for scholars delivers bagels. The selection will happen in early August since I will be returning to university in mid-August. I reserve the right to discontinue the delivery of bagels to businesses whose payment rate drops below a daily average of 90%. Always remember it is an honor system so try to be as honest as possible.