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In the 2014 fifa world cup Argentina was led by captain Lionel Messi. What accomplishments did they achive?

Argentina finished 1st in group F of the fifa world cup. Then they reached the finals after beating the defending runner ups of the 2008 world cup the Netherlands. And so they would go onto the championship were they would face a stacked Germany team led by captain Bastian Schweinsteiger. Were the Argentines and Lionel Messi would fall just short in extra time by 1. They would finish 2nd. But that wasnt the end for the Argentines as there captain would then be awarded with the golden ball after his great prefomence at the world cup. Although Argentina did place 2nd they won all there games by just a single goal.


What kind of climate does Argentina have ? And what are some popular landforms ?

Argentina's climate is usually mild but can be very hot in the north and very cold in the south. In Argentina the warmest month is January and their coldest in july thats the opposite from the United States. One popular land form in Argentina is the Rio de la plata aka the river of silver its the widest river in the world! Argentina is also home to some of the most amazing waterfalls in the world.


Argentina rely's deeply on farming. What are some resources they use. And what kind of land does Argentina have?

Some resources Argentina uses are lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron, ore, mangoneese, petroleum and uranium. Argentina has a triangle shaped land. They have the 8th largest area in any country in the world. 98.43% is land and 1.57% is water. Argentina boarders Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, and Uraguay. Argentina's highest point is Cerro Aconcauga and its lowest point is Laguana del Carbon. Argentina's largest river is the Parana River. And Argentina's longest lake is lake Buenos Aines.


In 1816 Argentina battled against Spain for their Independance. Who was their leader? And how did it effect Argentina after the war.

Juan Jose' Castelli and Jose' de san Martin led Argentina to their Independance. The effect after the war was they won their independance against Spain. They ran into some big problems tho. Such as poverty country was destroyed the land was ruined they had limited food and drink supply very few weapons. A huge cost to the economy limited international impact. But ever since then Argentina is getting back on their feet but still running into some problems.

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