All About Me

Lauren Hamelman

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My Family

I live with my mom, Jennifer, and my two sisters, Sarah and Olivia. We live in a log house in Austin, Indiana. My family has a ton of animals, including seven horses, three dogs, three indoor cats, eight outdoor cats, a goat, seventeen chickens, and nine rabbits.

What do I do??

I am a farm hand at Rode Farms working for my grandparents feeding animals, and doing just about anything that they need done. I am also a babysitter, and recently became a chauffeur for my family.

Some of my Hobbies.

Horseback riding

I like to go riding occasionally with my family. We often go riding at Henryville Forestry, Deam Lake, and Brown County Forestry. My horses name is Cheyenne, and is a nice little trail horse.


I am a member of the Scott County 4-H. My 4-H projects include creative writing, history, gift wrapping, cake decorating, jewelry making and showing my indoor cats. As well as my projects for 4-H, I also help with the Rough Riders Horse and Pony 4-H club with announcing, and bake sales or cookouts that they may do.

Writing and Drawing

Writing and journaling is more of a stress reliever for me. When I can't think straight and need to clear my mind, I either write or doodle something.


I like to cook and bake different things. I cook almost every supper at our house. I like making things from scratch and doing it all myself to learn new things. Cookies, brownies, fresh pasta, homemade pizza, pretty much anything that my mom or sisters ask me to make.