The Mr. Ernest Hemingway

by: Brett Forland

Interesting Facts

  1. Ernest Hemingway would actually shoot the sharks with machine guns to keep them away from his bait.
  2. Ernest survived to plane crashes on two days in a row.
  3. Ernest Hemingway's cat had some extra toes and passed that trait to many kittens.
  4. Ernest Hemingway's brother founded a country called New Atlantis with 7 citizens.
  5. Mr. Hemingway's sister, brother, and father also committed suicide.
  6. Some think Ernest's mom wanted another girl when he was born so she dressed him like a girl until he was four years old.
  7. According to Mr. Hemingway F. Scott Fitzgerald's manly parts were normal size after examining them.
  8. It took Hemingway four wives to figure out who the right one was.
  9. Mr. Ernest killed himself with his beloved shotgun from Abercrombie & Fitch
  10. Ernest Hemingway was never hungover because he was always drinking.
  11. Hemingway bet six men that he could write a great short story in six words and wrote this "For Sale: B\baby shoes. Never worn." and won the bet.
  12. Ernest Hemingway survived many deadly sicknesses and broken bones.
  13. Hemingway hunted U-boats with a machine gun and grenades.
  14. According to one of Hemingway's friends you could see the bump of his liver like and fat leech from drinking all or the time.
  15. Hemingway was never a soldier, yet he won the Medal of Valor on WWI.
  16. Mr. Ernest also tried to kill himself by walking into a plane propeller, but was unsuccessful.
  17. Most of the men in the Hemingway family killed themselves and Ernest was supposed to end that, but we know how that ended up.
  18. Hemingway was in a car crash so severe that he ended up leaking cranial fluid and still survived.
  19. Hemingway left a trunk of belongings in the Ritz Hotel is Paris and returned for them 30 years later.
  20. Even though Hemingway was seen as brave he often slept by nightlight.
Mini BIO - Ernest Hemingway