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Week 22 - Learning Application & Love Week - Conferences, Valentines, & U

FlipGrid Response Tweeting (give at least 1 tweet love from FlipGrid)

  • Tweet a question or affirmation to someone's FlipGrid Response
  • Tweet a connection with someone's FlipGrid Response


Tweet Challenge (give at least 1 tweet love for TC)

  • Tweet #SLB7 "student produce evidence of their learning aligned with the learning target"
  • Tweet something you are experimenting or trying as a result of your Conference Experience (FAILURES WELCOME & CELEBRATED as well as successes)
  • Tweet some V-Day Love
  • Tweet any response to the articles below
  • TWEET FREEDOM - Tweet anything awesome!

BOOK STUDY TWEETING (Amplify & Worlds of Making)

(give what tweet love you can - authors are following us!)

please include #amplifyed or #worldsofmaking ...respectively

  • Tweet something you tried in your classroom as a result of your reading
  • Tweet a quote from the text (take a pic or tweet in text) that just hit you & why?
  • For #AmplifyED Tweet something you want to try as a result of you reading Chp. 3
  • For #WorldsOfMaking Tweet something that challenged your thinking or made you wonder in Chp 4 or 5
  • Tweet a wondering, disagreement, or challenge to anything in your reading
  • Tweet something that you read that connected with you and your classroom

Don't forget #ReaganRays - We continue to be 'live' on our website! Folks love seeing what we are doing!

A #ReaganRays Video Tribute

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21st Week In Review...

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Valentines War 80s Style

LoVe Is A bATTleFiELd