A Computer Science Revision Guide

By Tom Boberg

Flow Charts; An insight

Flow charts are used to demonstrate an algorithm, or program; they are used to show people who cannot code what a program is going to do, this allows them to add certain things to the program without seriously messing up pieces of code. The symbols are recognised world wide and there understood even by non-coders who have even the smallest understanding of flow charts. They can be used for a variety of things like, as already said, coding, systems and machine routines.


The reason flow charts are so widely used and well know is beacuse they are recognised throughour most of the world; they are used so that coder of different nationalities can read the flow chart and use its principle to turn the idea into code. The symbols (see above) are easy to understand meaning it is only the text that the coder may not understand.


Another reason that flow charts are so widely used is bacuase they're very simple, children a taught how to use and make flow charts from an early age.This mean that even the most accomplised programmer/coder can create a flow chart that can be understood by the youngest of children.


Flow charts are used in industry to help the game designer communicate with the coders without having to wirte their basic instructions in an alien, complex code. FLow charts are like hand signals, almost anoyone can understand a basic signal despite being different nationalities/language/culture, its the same with flow charts; the symbols are they signals etc.