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The Invention of the Wheel

We have just made a amazing invention! One of our fellow Sumarians invented the wheel. We will use this as a tool for trading, transportation, and battle. We have put this wheel on our carts and used them as a new mode of transportation called a chariot!

Chariot for Sale

Hello my name Flo. I am selling my beautiful chariot with great discounts. This chariot was only used for transportation therefor it is in great condition! It has sturdy sides so it can hold a lot of goods. It has a spear holder just in case you want to use it in battle. You should buy this chariot because it has the best price and it is the best used chariot on the market. Buy it now for only 3 mina of silver! (horses not included)

Breaking News: Disaster Flood of our Farms

At 6:00 pm the Euphrates river has flooded our fields! All our crops have been distroyed and some of the farm buildings have been nocked down too. If you have small or young livestock you must move them to higher ground. The water is not expected to go down for another 13 days. If you have any grain you must move out of the waters way!


Exclusive Interview with a Farmer hit by the Flood

Hello and my name is Meshoro and I was just recently hit by this flood. I already get barely any of the food I grow and now i get none because it is all destroyed. this is the worst flood we have ever had. It would really help if someone would please donate food to me. I hope this will be over soon.

New Trade Boat has Come In!

A new trade boat has just come in come get your goods now! the boat has just come in at the south street sea port. the shipment includes rugs from Persia, grains, beautiful clothing and much more. Stop by the South Street Sea Port to get you goods while they last!

Gilgamesh Meet and Greet

Come and get to no our ruler Gilgamesh! You can meet him for 4 mini of silver. You will be able to have a feast with him and discuss politics. Remember only 6 people allowed so signup now.

Meet and Great with Gilgamesh

Friday, Nov. 15th, 7-9pm

The front of the Palace

We are in war with Assyria

A new update has just come in and we are now afficialy in war with Assyria. We are in war because we stole many crops because of the flood we just recently had. This war is massive so we need all the help we can get. Please volunteer your self now.

A New Law

A new law has been added to Hammurabi's Code. If you are a slave and you spill liquid on your masters mattress you will have to sleep on stone for the rest of your life.

New Ziggurat

There is a new Ziggurat being built in the center of town. This a a record number of stairs ever built. To be exact there are 384 stairs! This ziggurat is great place to worship our gods because it is a beautiful place. You will feel very close to the gods here.

New school for scribes

This new school is run by Shuman the priest. This school is located in our brand new Ziggurat. Send your boy here for a fee of 2 minus of silver a year. Your child will learn to write and read. If you send your child here he will be a success. Remember NO GIRLS ARE ALLOWED.

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