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November 17, 2014

Congratulations to our TOTY, Suzanne Bross!

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Amazing Day

Thank you for sharing your expertise and teaching craft with our guests from Leadership Gwinnett. The visitors left with a renewed support of public education, specifically public education in Gwinnett County Schools! They asked, what can we do to help? They truly were inspired and excited to see our students learning and interacting in the workshop model. Each of you make Benefield a great place of learning for our students! Thank you for being dedicated and focused on delivering quality plus learning experiences for our students.

Parent Luncheons

If your class is not eating in the cafe, you will bring a class roster with you to the grab and go station. Please highlight all the students who will be receiving a lunch. The students will be able to select their lunch, just like breakfast.

All parent pre-sale tickets go to the cafe,thanks!

Math Forum: Sherry Parrish

GCPS is excited to host our first K-12 Forum of the year with a focus on Building Powerful Numeracy. Sherry Parrish will join us to facilitate and model Number Talk strategies that engage students in developing and applying sound number sense.

What: Math Forum: Building Powerful Numeracy

When: Monday, November 17; 5:00-7:00 PM

Where: Peachtree Ridge HS Theater

Please share with teachers. All teachers and leaders are welcome to attend. Due to limited seating, participants should pre-register in PD&E: MA - Math Forum Building Powerful Numeracy.

Cafe Parking

We have several teachers who are arriving late and parking in the cafe lot. Last week, the cars blocked delivery trucks. If you are arriving late, please wait in the car rider line until you are able to secure a parking space. Cafe employees are the only team members who should be parking in the cafe lot.

Electrical Plugs

Did you know that only computers should be plugged into the blue outlets? All other items must be plugged into the silver/white outlets. Please check your room and make the necessary adjustments.

Last week, we had a fire in the media center due to the laminator being plugged into a blue outlet. Please make sure to check your classroom. Thank you!

Lock up Technology

Please remember to secure all technology over the Thanksgiving Break. The learning cottages can bring in their laptops, electronic readers, etc. for storage in the testing closet. We will be available immediately after bus parade.

January 5th Professional Learning Day

Based on the survey results, we have several new professional learning session interests. We need experts in the following to share their expertise: RAN, eClass Group Activities, Visual Literacy, Social Studies/Reading integration, how to incorporate BYOD into your classroom, and Kinder Writing Workshop. Proposal forms will be sent electronically via email. All proposals will be due by Wednesday upon return from Thanksgiving Break.

If you presented in October and would like to offer your session again, please let Dr. Walker know via an email. We have several teachers who would like the sessions repeated so they can attend a new session.

The January 5th schedule will include time to work in your room, faculty meeting, collaboration, lunch with team off campus, and one professional learning rotation. Each individual will have the opportunity to sign up via signup genius for a session the week prior to winter break.

Do you know Benefield?

If your class would like to win a popcorn party, have your class identify the 34 team members who support kindergarten and first grade. We have added 2nd & 3rd grade teams to learn this month. Please put your completed "Do you know" sheet in Dr. Walker's box.

GTES Teacher Surveys

Students in grades 3-5 will complete teacher surveys in the computer labs November 19 - 21, 2014. Mr. Knight and Mrs. Schiefelbein will publish a schedule. Please remember that you will be administering a survey for another teacher and may administer two surveys to include support teachers.

Relay for Life Jeans Coupons

If you purchased RFL Jean Coupons for the month of November, please feel free to use the coupons on Tuesday, December 2nd. This is the substitute for Monday, November 17th. Thank you for being flexible with this month's visits and the no jean days.

Math Bee

We will go into the Semi Finals and Finals on Monday, November 17th! If you have any questions, please see Ms. Todd.

Chik Fil A Spirit Night

Congratulations to Wendy McDonald's Kindergarten class for winning the ice cream party this month! We appreciate all the volunteers who support us at Chik Fil A: Allison Velie, Elizabeth Drada, Stacey Wootton, Aisha Randolph, Suzanne Bross, Karon Stocks, Tracy Heinitz, Mike Thomas, Virginia Kahn, and Amy Kruger.

Spelling Bee

Ms. Stocks will be communicating with you about the process, but we will have our class spelling bees in December with your winners due 12/18. This will allow the students the opportunity to practice over winter break. Our school wide spelling bee will be on Thursday, January 8th in the Media Center (9:00 AM).

Bags of Thanks

Please take a few moments and write why you are thankful for your team mate, support teacher, custodian, front office, etc. Bag of Thanks are hanging in the front office hallway and we have a basket of blank notes by the water fountain. We would like to share our bags in December!

WOW Days

Mrs. Toland has begun scheduling your substitutes for the upcoming WOW (working on the work) day. Each team will have one full day of collaboration and professional learning. The day begins at 7:30 AM in the HOST learning room. The day prior, your ILT member will ask you to bring your planning items such as Linda Hoyt resources, Lucy Calkins' writing kit, analyzing the standards, etc. to a central location to be placed on a cart. The cart will be delivered to the HOST room for your session time. The team will need to identify a lunch option and make plans prior to the day.

Support teachers in the area of EIP, ELL, and IRR will need to select the grade level in which they have the most segments of service. Each teacher will only be allowed one planning day. Therefore, it is important to let the grade level ILT member know who you will be planning with, so we can plan for substitute coverage. Please finalize your plans this week.

Kinder: Tuesday, 12/2

1st Grade: Wednesday, 12/3

2nd Grade: Thursday, 12/4

4th Grade: Tuesday, 12/9

3rd Grade: Wednesday, 12/10

5th Grade: Thursday, 12/11

If your team would like to use the WOW day as their late collaboration day, please let the leadership team know your preference (flex the Tuesday of the WOW day week).

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Monday, 11/17: National Education Week Teacher Appreciation gift in boxes, Benefield Singers 7:15 AM, Principal for a Day (Angie Woo), No jean day, Semi-finals & Finals for Math Bee in Media Center (see Jan Todd's email for details), K, 2, & 4 Parent Luncheon (revised lunch schedule), ILT Meeting 3:15 - 5:00 PM

Tuesday, 11/18: Benefield Singers 7:15 AM, Title I Targeted Reading Groups 7:00 - 7:30 AM, 1st, 3rd, & 5th Parent Luncheon (revised lunch schedule), No jean day, 2nd grade in house field trip, Teacher Appreciation Gift of Time no late day

Wednesday, 11/19: Teacher Appreciation Gift (T-Shirts), Title I Targeted Reading Groups 7:00 - 7:30 AM, Wittzle Pro, Student surveys in lab (see schedule from Mr. Knight)

Thursday, 11/20: Title I Targeted Reading Groups 7:00 - 7:30 AM, Benefield Singers 7:15 AM, Teacher Appreciation Dessert Bar, Turkey Trot, Student surveys in lab (see schedule from Mr. Knight), Costco 10 - 12 in mailroom, Stevi B's Spirit Night

Friday, 11/21: Teacher Appreciation Winter Waffles in mailroom beginning at 7:00 AM, Drawing for $25 Dave & Buster's Certificate, Picture with the principal (October calendars), Relay for Life Jersey Day, Stevi B's Spirit Night

Happy Birthday!

Gretchen Hansford, Nov. 17th

Michelle Nagy, Nov. 18th

Karen Meyer, Nov. 21st

Yvonne Mohamed, Nov. 26th

Judy Swisher, Nov. 29th