Crayon Squad


How did I create my project.

First I needed some cardboard and, then I needed to measure the acutal crayon and then multiply by 6 and the height of the crayon was 48 and the width was 6 I couldn`t make the cardboard into a circle so it was a triangle.

What considerations did you make when choosing the object for your prop.

I choose a crayon because I like colorful objects that resembles happines in peoples life so I choose a make shifted crayon and it turned out really awesome.

How can you determine that a scale hs been maintained by looking at the object,figure,prop and actor

I kept measuring both the cardborad crayon and the real crayon and i kept the measure in the right place at the right measurement all that time i spent was perfect all the time.

If you were to build another prop, what would you do do differently to improve the quality

I would improve a lot of things like the panting, shape, and color when I do this it would look a little better than this one I made and the color would pop out more.
Scale Ella