Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Peer Recruitment Program

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Peer Recruitment Program at UIUC!

The Peer Recruitment Program enlists the help of currently enrolled students to speak about the pre-college experiences and current experiences at Illinois. The Peer recruiters will meet with prospective students, mostly from the Chicago Public High Schools and/or the Chicagoland area when they come to campus and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Chicago Satellite Office provides training and support during the various recruitment activities. We encourage current students to assist by adding to this engaging experience for these students, and continuing to increase the diversity here at Illinois.

What's in it for YOU!

  • Communication skills, Management, Event Planning
  • Volunteer hours for excellent resume’ building
  • Networking (Administrative, Academic, and Among yourselves)
  • Free lunch when working event
  • Low-level commitment as we only have a few programs each year
  • Flexibility in scheduling as you sign up for events that you can work
  • Letters of Recommendation available upon request!

Want to Participate??

If you are interested, we would love to discuss the schedule and the other benefits for students who choose to participate. Collaborating with the student body is always an excellent addition to our program and you are also a great resource for other young minorities, who are not sure if College is for them.

Please submit your contact information using this link:

If you have any further questions, please contact *Admissions Counselor* at *email*