Assessment is about your students

Assessment is not about you as a teacher

"Assessing students has to be grounded in a commitment to use information in a way that helps us to generate greater success for them" (Lopez, 2013). All too often, teachers collect data through various assessments, but never use them to aid in designing more effective classes or learning methods.

Are these assessments effective?

1. Why do you use these assessments?

2. Explain the value you find in each assessment.

3. Do you use assessments you find with little or no value?

4. Do you understand how to deliver the assessment or do you need help?

Intent versus results of assessments

Assessment plan can be detailed without being cumbersome.

Resuts occur when talk or writing transforms into action.

Involve students in designing effective assessments

Provide clear explanations about assessments and how the data will be used

Standardize when and how to deliver assessments

Assessments lead to student performance and achievement