Southwest Early Childhood Center

2015 National School of Character

Southwest Mission:

With Character and Knowledge every child will have the tools to be successful.

Way to go Southwest...

We are super excited to announce that we have received a $35,896 grant from the Children's Trust Fund. This is a renewable grant for up to 6 years (with funding decreasing after year 2) This grant is going to allow us to incorporate the evidence-based Conscious Discipline program that we currently use in all of our classrooms into our families homes. 67% of families at Southwest participate in the optional parent meetings and with the use of this grant, our goal is to make it 100%! The Children's Trust Fund Prevention Grant received 32 applications and cut out 75% of those and we were lucky to be picked! Highlights of the grant are listed below! If you would like more details, the grant overview and goals are posted in the shared LISA google drive folder.

  • Nicole Langston, Lisa Dierking, Jessica Jobe, and Katie Epema will be trained and become official trainers of Conscious Discipline. They will lead the following groups :
    • Nicole-Boot Camp for existing employees and Newbie Training
    • Lisa-Title I 3's and 4's and ECSE Monthly Parent Meetings
    • Jessica-2 8 week sessions for the Teens As Parents groups
    • Katie-Large Event Community Programs
  • The Title I 3's 4's and ECSE will have monthly parent meetings with free lunch, books, incentives (gas card, CD materials, target card, etc.).
  • Teens As Parents will also have their weekly meetings with food, books, and incentives (gas card, diapers, wipes, target card, etc,)

Shout Outs:

  • Nurse Ann....Wow..'nuff said...!!!!
  • Paula Hotz for sharing an awesome idea for documenting collaboration!
  • Eggen and Sondra for having 10/15 at the 3 year old parent meeting=thanks for encouraging parents!!! Over half of those who attended were dads!!!!
  • Hotz and Donna for having 8/15 at the 3 year old meeting=thanks for encouraging parents!!!
  • Over half of those who attended the 3 year old meeting were dads!!!!
  • Aiden K. in Penserum's class helped Amir down the hallway after a teacher told Amir that he needed to walk the school way. Aides said, "Oh let me show you how we walk the cubbies way."

PBIS Reminders:

Please be sure to complete the following survey by September 18th:

Nuts and Bolts:

  • There will be a helmet in the bike shed with a label "Only for Isaiah Mills" . Please do not use. This child is in Deschu's class.
  • Reminder: Please be sure to remember the new district dress code: School shirts can only be worn on Friday unless you have a collared embroidered shirt (may be worn without jeans during the week), flip flops are not allowed (if you wear them in the shower don't wear them to school), Pants need to be below the knee in length or ask administration if you are unsure, white jeans only during the week (unless admin approved other colored jeans). Other than these points the dress code is business casual. For example you need to ask yourself, "would you wear work out pants to a law office?" "Would you wear a low cut shirt to a professional business meeting or interview?" Please keep this in mind as you plan your weekly wardrobe.
  • Title I carline: Please remember that this is only a time to say Great Day or We enjoy having him and other things should be said in a phone call or meeting. We appreciate you guys.

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