By: Sam Weyers


Are you worried about lineville, don't be. At Lineville the only thing that I got confused about was switching classes, but it gets easier. If you are confused by anything else here are some things to help.


When you get to Lineville their is much more discipline. Some things that you can get with bad behavior are minors. A minor is when you have a late homework assignment or you are being disrespectful. Also there are majors. A major is when you either get three minors or if you do something really bad. Then their is M.A.S.H,(mandatory after school homework).M.A.S.H is applied when a student has 3 minors for the same late homework, you also get a major. Also there are noons, a noon is when a student has 1 late homework assignment. For a noon you must come to eat lunch in a teacher's classroom and finish the homework. Good luck and i hope this will improve your behavior at Lineville.


At Lineville there are 4 different lunch choices to choose from. First there is the district meal. Second, there is the commons meal. Iastly, there is A la carte and cold lunch. When you take district meal, first you get a tray and you get some fruit and vegetables. Next, you get your main meal. finally you punch in your code and get your utensils and A la larte. When you take commons meal first you get your tray and a fork then go down the line and grab what you want, the you type in your code. Next there is A la carte, A la carte is with both lines that you can buy extras for low prices. Also A La cart is served at the district meal by the checkout. Next A la carte is served by the commons meal in the line to the checkout. Finally you go find a seat 8 to a table. I hope this helped you understand how to get your lunch everyday at Lineville.


At Lineville not all consequences are bad. Some things that are good is when you are doing the right thing and you earn an acknowledgment card. Acknowledgement cards can be used, when you get 30 you can get a green card to enjoy your day. Also things that happen monthly are house insensitives that you can go to if you have less than 3 minors and no majors. There are also school incentives, a school incentive is earned when the school meets is monthly goal. These are some things that can pump your day at Lineville

Changing for gym

At Lineville for gym you must change. It might seem weird but it is really easy, all you have yo do is take a extra set of cloths in a bag. Also At Lineville their is day 1 and day 2. You either have gym day 1 or day 2 so the day you don't have gym you can take home your cloths and wash them. Also when you go to gym you take your cloths and line up outside the locker room. Then when you get let in you go change quick and go line up in your lines in the gym. "See I told you it is really easy" click the link below to help understand a little more.

After school

Some things that you can do after school are,

basketball/ skills and drills/ boys and girls

archery/6th grade


cross country


battle of the books/ answer question about a book


pear leaders/help with school activities

To help look into some of these things more go to the Lineville web page I hope this will help you decide what after school programs you want to join ahead of time.

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Good luck

Good luck! I hope this helped you; it really would have helped me. :)