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Jasper Weekly 1.19.16 to 1.24.16

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Do you remember taking a survey from Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) earlier this year? This data, along with student survey data, and student achievement data, produced a list of over 75 Jasper sophomores who were identified as AP-Ready. These students were not currently taking an AP course.

Through the efforts of Julie Hirsh, our campus EOS Outreach Team, and the EOS teacher team of student-selected "trusted adults", a big stride was made this past week toward closing the AP participation gap. The identified students were invited to an optional meeting during block lunch to hear a presentation about an unknown topic.

  • 75% of the students attended
  • of the students that attended, 72% said they want to take an AP course next year
  • of the students that attended, 26% said they were undecided about taking an AP course next year
  • of the students that attended, only 1 said they were not going to take an AP course

What an event! For those of you that were there, you can attest to this, too. The students felt like they were important and someone was telling them they can do this (but that it won't be easy) and there will be supports to help them along the way.

This was the first event of many to follow with this group of students and their parents. That meeting will be one that is etched in my brain and heart forever!

I'll leave you with a quote from one of the identified AP-Ready students. "I just want someone to tell me I can."

Sometimes we (I know I do) forget about what the lack of adult encouragement inside and outside of the school can mean to a student. It's no wonder research suggests that a positive, strong adult relationship with a student is the single biggest factor that allows an "at-risk" student to succeed. Mentoring and encouragement works!

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Upcoming Birthdays

Alex Neece-Sunday, January 24

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Upcoming Weeks at Jasper

1/27-Spirit Sales in the Foyer during Block Lunch

1/28-Progress Reports Distributed

1/30-Winter Formal

2/15-Student Holiday/Staff Professional Development Day

2/19-End of 4th Six Weeks

3/7-3/11-Spring Break

Is Kindergarten the new 1st Grade?

"Debates currently exist among teachers, parents, and policymakers concerning the risks and benefits of focusing on academic content at an early age."

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General Announcements and Reminders

1. (NEW) Staff Meeting (Cultural Competency) on January 28th

2. (UPDATED) May 27th and June 6th Work Days

1. (NEW) Staff Meeting (Cultural Competency) on January 28th

Our canceled staff meeting (Cultural Competency) on Monday, January 4th is being rescheduled for Thursday, January 28th. You can attend either the morning (8:00-8:45) or afternoon session (4:25-5:10).

Cultural Competency is a required district training. If you are unable to attend on this day, please reach out to your support administrator as soon as possible for makeup procedures.

2. (UPDATED) May 27th and June 6th Work Days

Teaching/Professional Staff on a 189-day contract:

May 27th:

This is a work day for everyone on campus.

June 6th:

In order to not have to come to work on Monday, June 6th, you will need to document 8 hours of professional development (not just extra work hours) outside of the normal work day (8:30-4:30) from the beginning of last summer until the end of this school year. This can include:

-staff meeting outside of these hours

-professional development opportunities outside of these hours (above and beyond the 3 required Jasper PD sessions)

-2015 summer training

-2015 summer leadership retreat

-2015 summer AVID Institute

-2015 AP Institute

-District-recognized online PD (above and beyond PISD required sessions)

If you have any questions about what might or might not count, please see your support admin.

If you do not meet the requirements above, you will either need to work on Monday, June 6th or take a personal leave day (can use a sick leave day if all personal days are exhausted).

Paraprofessional Staff:

You will need to check your work schedule in TEAMS to see if Friday, May 27th and Monday, June 6th are work days for you. If they are, please get with your support administrator for options for these days.

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