Daily Depression Dispatch

Formerly The Salinas Gazette


Yesterday, two people died on old Tyler's Ranch. These murders have shocked this other wise peaceful county. What happened and more on today's edition of The Daily Depression Dispatch!

We Work for fair Pay!

We have been working on your ranch for a long time.I speak for everybody when I say this;WE are sick and tired of working for an unfair pay,and unfair job. You need to teat us good,and pay us good.Your son always starts trouble and when we fight him back we get canned.You might put us on the list so we cant get a job,then we'll quit and put you on a list so that nobody would work for you.Just remember yore son hand is broken and there has be to murders on this ranch.Treat us good,or else!
From your good worker Slim

Curlies wife and Lennies obituary

Lennie Small :Tylers Ranch
6:30 September 2nd 1930
George and Dead pup Mom,and Curly
Petting things he likes Getting attention.

Bucking Barley on Tylers Ranch


He Was Shot

Curly's wife:Tlers Ranch
6:00 September 2nd 19:30
Mom,and Curly
Getting attention,and listening to Records

No job
Pretty,wanting attention,mixed emotions

Neck was snapped in a struggle


Yesterday two people were murdered on Tyler's ranch. One was strangled to death and the other shot. We have two witness here.(Continues pg. 2)


George, the friend of one of the victims. "Lennie was never a bad guy. He was like a kid, and a dumb one at that. I met Lennie when we was young, we both worked on the same farm. Well, after a while I just kinda got used to him, and him to me. He just followed me around. He would do anything I told him to do, anything. I could tell him to jump off a cliff and there he would go, falling. At first it was funny, but he almost drowned when I told him to jump in a river. Time did what it does and we ended up looking for work after his Aunt Clara kicked the bucket. We ended up in Weed. To say the least things went bad in Weed. After that we ended up in Salinas. Got some work from some guys in a bar, says it's a good deal. 50 dollars with room and board. Better than what was in Weed, for sure. We ride up this ranch, then walked to it, goddamn bus driver made us late. Show up the next day, boss was a bit mad. We started working on the ranch. Then this guy's wife, Curely I think, comes up to us talking. Well around the ranch the guys used to say she was a bit of a tart, not in front of Curely though. Well I told Lennie to stay away from her, I sure did. But he was just so goddamn stupid. He didn't understand a word I was saying, but he remembered them. So there he went, did something stupid. Broke her neck. I don't think he ever really meant to do it. He was just so strong, and so dumb. I wish we wouldn't of come here. I knew we should of gone to that ranch in Boronda. But it only payed 40 to help pay for Board. I hope they got rabbits up there..." At this point George refused to comply with our reporter, and the interview concluded.


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Curly a witness

That big old goof that broke my hand was a son of a bitch.I came in the bunk room looking for my wife and he started laughing at me.I aint gonna let no big oaf make fun of me.So we tangled.I gave him a good one yes I did.I punched and I punched,but that son of a bitch was to strong.He grabbed my hand and squeezed,and didn’t let go till all the bones in my god damb hand were broke.I left hime some bruises though, I sure did.Then they made me say my hand was broke in a machine.Some machine that was,a 6ft 5 tall wife killing son of a bitch.Yeah he killed my wife to!It’s probably because the bruises I gave him.He snapped her neck while I was playin horse shoes.He did it when I wasn't there.If I was I would have beat him with my one good hand.WE went to go hunt that big oaf down.We sure did I was gonna shoot him with my God damn shotgun,even with my broken hand.His traveling partner went with us and said he was probably South.I was in the woods then I heard gun shot.I saw George his traveling partner.They were as tight as Candy and his dead old stink bag of his.And he shot him.George shot Lennie.What a goof ball.Lennie lucky George shot him because I would’ve made him hurt.This is what happened the truth of a big old murdering son of a bitch