How Photosynthesis work


This website will help you understand a little bit more about Photosynthesis.

What is photosynthesis

Photosynthesis transform light into chemical energy and water, carbon dioxide into energy for the plants, So they can make their food. Photosynthesis lets plants absorb certain lights for it the help it grow.

How does Photosynthesis work

Photosynthesis id where plats make their own food from sunlight. Plants are able to make their food from light energy. Chlorophyll is the pigment that makes the plants green because they reflect the green. The sun's energy is use to make sugar out of air and water.

  1. The sunlight makes energy for the plants
  2. The energy helps the plants grow and carbon dioxide, water, and sugar
  3. Then the plant grows from that

The sunlight helps make energy and the energy make the carbon dioxide, water and the sugar so the plant can grow.

The plant takes all of that and makes its own food so it can make our food we eat.


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