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2018-2019 School Year: Volume 1: Week 1 September 2, 2019

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Be the Best YOU at Grandview!!!

Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

Welcome back to another amazing school year! Classrooms look amazing! Each classroom has a classroom library with $700 worth of new books for our Grandview Readers. The building is freshly waxed and the outside has been weeded, trees trimmed and vines cut back. Teachers are excited to meet your children!!! The school year is ready to begin.

Each Sunday (or Monday on holiday weekends), you will receive, through email, an electronic newsletter of our Mustang Messenger. Some information will remain all year, while other information will be included as necessary. We love to communicate and celebrate with our families and the community. This is a great way to stay informed. I attach archived newsletters on the Grandview website too.

I look forward to seeing and meeting your children, as well as, all of you parents this school year. I have an open door policy and I believe that through open communication, we will work as a team to create the best school year for your child. Do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have a question, comment, suggestion, or in need of a clarification.

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Melissa Carruth, Ed.S

What to say to your Child on the 1st Day of School?

The first day of school is full of change. Summer is over, waking up early is the new norm and your kids are away from home. With these changes, kids need your support. Here are some positive phrases to say to your children to help them to find their inner voice...

  1. You're capable of anything you set your mind to.
  2. You don't have to be the best at everything; you just need to try your best.
  3. It's about the journey, not just the destination.
  4. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  5. Don't let your peers' actions affect how you feel about yourself.
  6. Every mistake is a lesson.
  7. I believe in you and I support you.
  8. Magic happens outside of your comfort zone.
  9. I'm going to drop you off, then you'll meet your teacher, and have lunch....."
  10. I can't wait to hear about your day.
  11. Be yourself.

New Staff

This school year, we have been busy adding the best teachers to Grandview.

  • Fifth grade welcomes Ms. Rebecca Mantei.
  • Mrs. Rachel Frost will be the informational technology teacher at both Botsford and Grandview.
  • Ms. Kendall Groenewoud is our speech teacher.

Each of these teachers are so excited to be joining the Grandview family and understand that there is something special about this community!

School Hours

School hours have been changed. The school day is now

8:30-3:40. 1/2-day ends at 11:30.

School Doors open at 8:20 and the students will report to their grade level location. At 8:25, the first bell rings and the 2nd bell rings at 8:30, when learning begins.

At dismissal, parent walk-up and pick-up will begin to be dismissed at 8:35. The final bell is at 3:40 when all students will dismiss from their afternoon dismissal location.

Your child is marked tardy starting at 8:40. Attendance and tardy was a problem at Grandview. Please do not get into the same routine this year. We need your children in school each and every day!!

Free Breakfast and Lunch

GREAT NEWS!!! Just like last year, Grandview is 100% Free and Reduced, therefore, we are not charging for breakfast or lunch. Every student is eligible for this program, even if you did not qualify for the program in the past. The breakfast & lunch menu can be found online at However, if a child brings lunch from home, milk and snack can still be purchased at an additional charge. Breakfast will be eaten in the classroom after the start of the school day.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Clarenceville has joined with SFE for our food service. The menus change daily. Each day there will be three options, one being vegetarian. Peanut Butter and Jelly will not be served this year daily. There are 2 ways to view the menu. Once way is through the website at The second way is through an app. The app is entitled Nutri-Slice.

Morning Drop Off

As your building principal, my #1 job is to ensure that your child is safe at Grandview. In order to maintain safety, Grandview will not be open until 8:20. Buses are dropping off at 8:20 and the car loop doors will open at 8:20, no earlier. With breakfast being eaten in the classroom, there is no reason to arrive earlier than 8:20. At 8:20, when the children come into the building, they will report to their grade level location and wait until the bell rings at 8:25.

  • Kindergarten sit at the tables in the lunchroom
  • 1st grade line up in the hallway along the wall that has the Blue Ribbon plaque facing the front doors and extending down the hallway
  • 2nd grade line up along the wall that has staff family pictures and the entrance to the lounge. They will face the front doors and extend all the way down the hallway
  • 3rd grade will be in the specials hallway along the side of the art and music classrooms, starting at the end, facing Mr. Terpack’s room and extending all the way to the music room.
  • 4th grade will be in the specials hallway along the side with the FOG closet and the Behavior Support Room starting at the end of the hallway, facing Mr. Terpack’s room and extending all the way to the MakerSpace/Info Tech room.
  • 5th grade will congregate in the hallway in front of the media center

A few reminders

In the Back of the school:

  • Please form 3 lines to help with the flow of traffic and then alternate 1, 2, and 3.
  • Please make sure your child exits your car on the side closest to the building. They should not walk around your car. This is for their safety.
  • Also remember, you may not park in the back of the building and walk your children in. If you want to do that, then please go to the front of the school. Let’s all keep our kids safe!

In the Front of the school:

  • Do not park in the front loop as our busses need a place to arrive
  • Be careful parking on Louise Street. Our buses need to get down the road and if cars are lined on both sides, they cannot get down the road.
  • Please park in a parking spot and walk your child in. The parking lot is very busy, we need to keep our students safe.
  • If you walk up before 8:20, please form a line until the doors open.

Afternoon Drop Off

In the Back of the school:

Our wonderful staff is working hard to help your children get into their cars safely. Please be patient as we all perfect routines. You can play a part by forming 3 lines in the back and hanging your sign with your children's name on it from last year. If you are new this year or to this process, we will be giving you a new sign the first week of school. Safety always wins!

Parent walk up:

Because safety is first, those using parent walk up will greet their students OUTSIDE the front door. Students will exit the building, out the front doors, with a staff member by grade level and meet you. We will not have parents walk through the building and exit the front door. Our bussers exit the 1st grade door. This is for the safety of all. Please help our fellow Grandview families so that together we can learn this routine. Thank you for your continued support!

Late Drop off and Early Pick Up

If you are running late (after 8:30am), students must enter through the front doors WITH A PARENT in order to be signed in at the front office. Please do not try and enter the back of the building as preschool students will be dropped off after 8:30.

Tardy is marked starting at 8:40.

Children will not be allowed an early dismissal from the office after 3:15 pm so we can ensure a calm and safe end to the day for all students. Please plan accordingly.

Emergency Cards and Transportation Forms

It is VERY IMPORTANT that Emergency Cards and Transportation Forms are filled out completely, both sides, and returned to school! Please make sure to print neatly and include your home and cell phone number and email address, as well as, at least 3 additional local emergency contacts listed in the order you would like them contacted. Please make sure those contacts know you have listed them as an emergency contact. We will not release your child from the office to anyone not listed on the emergency card. Anyone picking up your child at the office must show a photo identification in order for them to be released. The transportation form was in your back to school mailing and the emergency cards are coming home on Wednesday. Thank you!

On-line Registration for ALL Grandview Students

The enrollment process is now 100% on-line. To process the paperwork, you need to log into your child's parent portal site. The parent portal site can be accessed from the main page of the Clarenceville website by clicking on the blue on-line registration button or you can click the following link You will need your PIN number and password. If you do not know it, please contact the Grandview main office at 248-919-0404. For this process, you will be asked and prompted to go through the annual registration forms and approve the forms for this year, as prompted.

If you are new to Grandview, you need to click on the pre-enrollment button (has a pencil) located on the Clarenceville home page.

If you want to enroll on a phone or tablet.....

We now have a mobile version of Mistar that can be used on phones/tablets. It must be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Itunes. I have attached instructions if you would like to share with your parents. With the app a parent can now complete their re-enrollment forms.

Students can also download their Student Connection through Google Play Store or Itunes.

Parents can now can report absences through the app. To report an absence or complete the re-enrollment packet there is a drop down icon that they need to click, I highlighted it in red and attached a screenshot of what it looks like from their perspective.

Once they click they can choose from the options.

The instructions for the app are included below......

Welcome Back Picnic!!

What a greeting!!! It was a beautiful evening and a wonderful event. Thank you for the donations of food and drink . It was so nice meeting all of the families and most importantly the students. It was so great to have all of the teachers present, as well as, board members and local community vendors. So fun!!! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to place your child's learning as a priority. Here are some pictures of the great event!!

Tuesday Night Night

Starting Tomorrow, September 3rd, through Facebook Live, I will be hosting a Tuesday Night Night event. Every Tuesday night, I will be reading a book to the Grandview students. This is a way for me to connect with the students, as well as, ensure that nightly reading is happening for our students. The videos will go live at 8:00 pm. To view them, just come on to the Grandview Facebook Homepage. If you miss it, they will be at the Grandview Elementary facebook page to view after the event. I will be taking suggestions for books, so post away in our site so that I know what my Grandview readers want to hear at night. Can't wait to do what I love most....reading to students!!!

Grandview Sports

Stacey Wittscheck, Grandview Sports Director, has created a Grandview Sports website. All of the information from schedules, rules, code of conduct, sign-up, forms, etc. will all be housed in one location. Football information will coming soon. Check out this great communication piece for our families!!


Grandview Poms

A lot of questions came up about Grandview Poms at the picnic. Information will be coming out in the next few weeks! Stay tuned, but do not worry, you have missed no deadlines!!!!

Restorative Practices

Grandview, as well as, all Clarenceville Schools have committed to implementing Restorative Practices for the 2019-2020 school year. Restorative practices, in schools, are based on restorative justice principles instead of punishment. They aim first to build classroom communities that are supported by clear agreements, authentic communication, and specific tools to bring issues and conflicts forward in a helpful way. Classrooms will be implementing the idea of Circles, using common language for questioning with children, and the talking stick. For more information Check out our teachers creating their classroom talking sticks.

Volunteering at School

If you are interested in volunteering at school you need to complete an iChat form (available in the office) and submit a copy of your driver’s license for a quick background check. Thank you! We love our Grandview Volunteers!

iChats are also needed to be filled out if you wish to be a WatchDOG dad or chaperone a field trip.

FOG Positions are available

Be sure to attend the 1st FOG meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 10th at 6 pm. as there are some FOG positions available for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as some committees to chair. We love our volunteers and Grandview needs volunteers to help provide lots of opportunity for our students!!

Job Opportunity

Substitute Noon Aides are needed. This job involves supervising children in the lunch room and on the playground from 11:30am-1:00pm. Please stop in at the office to get an application if you are interested. You would need to be fingerprinted (approximately $70 cost) before working.

Important Dates and Upcoming Dates

3: First day of school - ½-day

10: FOG Meeting @ 6 pm

12: Board of Education Meeting @ 6:30 pm

17: Constitution Day - Wear red, white and blue

18: Fire Drill @ 10:30 am

19: Curriculum Night (K-5) @ 6 pm -- 2 sessions

24: Community Church Readers start (every Tuesday)

26: Board of Education Meeting @ 6:30 pm

27: Fun Run

30: Mustang Mindset Monday’s Begin

Please Connect

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