The Maccabees Take Back Israel!!

by James and Connor

Background of the Revolt

Antiochus IV came to control the Persian Empire and Egypt after Alexander the Great. He wanted the whole empire to be Greek, including the worship of Greek religions. He called himself Epiphanes which means "God Manifest". He Hellenized the worship of his Jewish subjects and changed the name of the Temples and introduced Greek styles of worship. He forced people to take part in pagan sacrifices. If they didn't they would be in danger. Antiochus topped off his campaign by desecrating the Temple itself.

The Maccabees Revolt

Israel is Restored

An old priest named Mattathias and his five sons started to put together a resistance. They did not think they had a chance, but the only reason they tried was that it was better to die than to be unfaithful to God. But because of their trust in God, they were able to take back bits and pieces of territory and eventually defeat the Greeks. Within three years, the Jews were able to rededicate the Temple. This event is celebrated as the festival of Hanukkah. After their most talented soldier died, Judas, his brothers were still successful in conquering territory. By 125 BC, Israel was under control of the Maccabees, and an independent Israel had finally been restored.
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Jerusalem After the Revolt

After Israel had been restored by the Maccabees, the temple that Antiochus IV changed into Greek worship had been rededicated to God. More lands were being conquered by the sons of Mattathias including Judah. They were no longer under Greek rule, and they had made alliances with both Sparta and Rome after their victory. The people were allowed to worship God freely again instead of worshiping Greek gods.

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