Blue Bell Ice Cream

- What caused the Recall? -

Blue Bell voluntarily has demanded a recall of all Blue Bell Ice cream, due to bacteria referred to as Listeria being found in various ice creams and found in several Blue Bell facilities. After many reported issues coming from the ice cream with people becoming ill from the ice cream forced Blue Bell to recall all products. This costs a large amount of money to do and for them to do it voluntarily is a big deal. Blue Bell is now investigating on how the Listeria Bacterium got into several facilities and are working to fix the issue as soon as possible.

- Blue Bell Facts -

  • 3 Deaths all from Kansas.
  • 10 ill people
  • Deaths caused by Listeria bacterium.
  • Many 1/2 gallons have been contaminated by Listeria
  • The illnesses reported by consumers started in 2010.

- Aftermath of the Recall -

The aftermath of the recall has caused 3 Deaths due to the listeria and has forced Blue Bell to recall all Blue Bell Ice Cream products immediately. The Listeria was found in facilities in Texas and Oklahoma. The recall, which is a nationwide recall, has caused several questions all pertaining to the Listeria bacteria. Listeria can affect babies, senior citizens and people who have weakened immune systems.