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An inspirational story on dreams, love, and keeping faith!

Based on a true story...

After Sputnik was launched in 1957, fifteen year old, Homer Hickam, from the small, fading town of Coalwood, West Virginia, became inspired to get involved in the space race himself. Being from a town where life is surrounded by mining coal, he can only hope his rockets take him somewhere out of West Virginia. Gathering a group of friends, they become known as the "Rocket Boys" and turn scraps of metal into prodigious rockets. As they further their knowledge and light up the West Virginia sky, they find hope to be able to one day leave their dull lives in Coalwood. But will their hopes and dreams come true? Or crumble like their fellow citizens?

More copies sold than "Lord of the Flies", "Enders Game", "Farewell to Manzanar" and "A Separate Peace" combined!

"A thoroughly charming memoir... [An] eloquent evocation of a lost time and place." - The New York Times

"A stirring tale that offers something unusual these days... a message of hope in an age of cynicism" - The San Diego Union- Tribune