1997 Harley-Davidson For Sale

For Sale at EgaleRider of Orlando, Florida

1997 Dyna Wide Glide Information

The motorcycle has been in one minor ruff-up, and has had some scratches. Overall performance is still in day-one condition. Lastly, the bike has been fixed from any of the damage done to her, so she still has her, pulsing gleam, her shiny flanks, and her demure headlights. The wreck was south of the bridge on Seventeenth during the summertime
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For Sale at the low price of $6,949.98

This motorcycle actually can give you the powers of Thor and she come with a glorious hammer

Watch Out!!!

This Motorcycle can "Rock You Like a Hurricane" with her horse-power and her durability! She's one fast harley that will "rock your socks" if she's on your side.

She rides like a beauty, surely I will miss her

1997 Harley Davidson FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide

Motorcycle D3L3RS

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