Nintendo Games & Updates

By: Isabella Gonzalez

Did you know there were some recent updates for Super Smash Bros? Nintendo introduced some new games. It’s scary but true, Nintendo wants to watch you sleep. That is just my opinion. The recent updates are out right now! The update came out on 11-20-14. The person who came up with it was Miyamoto. He used his talents to do it! He created it in Japan. If you are asking why he did it; he wanted to create it because not a lot of people were playing it so he made the new updates. Some people said it is okay. For example, Kelsie said, “It was okay.” Tony said, “Yeah, I like it.” Varun said, “It is okay.” Bella said, “I like it!” Max said, “I like it.” Those are just some people giving their opinions about the new updates. The new updates also include specific fighters and 40 unique characters. There is a new Ameibo for the Super Smash Bros. There will be modes including maps features and more. So if you like Nintendo then go and buy it or download it right away! If you are one of those people who really like Nintendo then buy it!