The Year Of Shadows

By: Claire Legrand

Life in the Concert Hall

Cold, dark, and creepy are three words that describe the awful place Olivia lives in. The perfect place for ghosts to live in though. Olivia is stuck living in a storage room in the back because her mom left her, her grandma and crazy dad. This is shown in the text when," Our rooms are two empty storage rooms backstage"(1%) Olivia's bed is just a cot and a quilt that her grandma made. I believe that the character of the music hall has the same kind of personality as Olivia, dark, gloomy, and creepy


When we first meet Olivia, her mother has left her abandoned and feeling very alone Her father's negligence has left her no choice but to live with her grandmother. Under the circumstances they're in financially, they're forced to live in an old and creepy music hall. This is shown in the text when,"Same old Emerson Hall. Same seats, same curtains, same dragons. The only difference this time was us. And our suit cases"(1%). Olivia wore black clothing after her mom died. Her hair was black too, and at times she would hide behind it. Furthermore," Ombralina. Little shadow. It was her nickname for me"(1%).

Olivia doesn't have many friends at school, as she eats lunch alone (until she meets Henry). Olivia, not surprisingly, makes new friends that aren't necessarily of the living kind. This is shown in the text when,"Dark shapes curled out from behind the door- along the sides, along the bottom. Long thin shadowy shapes"(7%) Olivia's new friends are ghosts and they soon tell her their story. They explain to her that with the possible destruction of the music hall, they will forever be trapped in the music hall never being able to move on. Olivia makes it her goal to ensure that there will be no destroying the music hall and help her new friends move on to death.


Henry is the cool kid in Olivia's school, and works at the Hall as an usher. For instance,"Henry's parents started dropping him off for concerts a couple of years ago, and eventually he begged his way into an usher job"(6%). Olivia considers them to be," Strictly business partners." Henry's friends always make fun of Olivia at lunch when she sits alone at the lunch table drawing. However, after the incident with the ghosts Henry has now started to sit next to Olivia to talk with her about the ghosts. One thing that Olivia isn't sure about is if Henry is poor just like her because why dose he have to go buy clothes and other household items from the thrift shop in town. Is Henry poor or is he working at the hall for another reason, read to find out.


Praise To The Year Of Shadows

The Year of Shadows is an amazing book weather you like funny, scary, or mystery, this books got it all. For instance, this book has a great way of showing feeling. Also, whenever Olivia gets upset she immediately pulls out her drawing pad, that her mom gave her, and draws out her feelings. However, if this isn't your cup of tea the that's okay, but let me remind you that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Over all this book is just a really good book, from Olivia having "conversations" with Igor, or Henry and Olivia helping the ghosts move on to death it's a really great book and, you should try it.