The Band Bulletin

Stockton Junior High School

Volume 1, Issue 15 - January 4, 2021

Hey Band!

Happy new year! We hope that everyone had safe and restful winter break. Below you will find news & updates on what is going on in the Stockton Band. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via our contact information provided at the end of this newsletter. We are looking forward to a productive, fun, and musical spring semester!

In this newsletter:

  • CISD JH Band Solo & Ensemble Contest
  • Sectionals
  • A video for you to enjoy!
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CISD JH Band Solo & Ensemble Contest

Conroe ISD will be hosting its annual JH Band Solo & Ensemble Contest on Saturday, February 6, 2021 at Oak Ridge HS. Students in the Stockton Band will be participating in this event. Please click the link below for more details.

Sign-up and payment is due on January 11, 2021!

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What is a sectional?

A sectional is an instrument-specific rehearsal that takes places before or after school once a week. In these rehearsals, students will learn instrument-specific techniques and music that cannot be covered in regular band classes.

Who will be required to attend sectionals?

As of right now, only students in the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band will be required to attend sectionals. Sectionals are an extension of our regular band classes, so it is vital that every student required to attend sectionals is present on their scheduled sectional day/time.

When will sectionals start?

Sectionals will begin on January 11, 2021.

What time will sectionals be?

Sectionals will be from 7:20AM-8:10AM.

What day is my sectional?

Tuesday - Clarinets, Bassoon, Trumpets, Horns

Wednesday - Saxophones, Trombones

Thursday - Flutes, Oboe, Euphoniums, Tubas

What if I don't have a ride?

Students, if your parent or guardian is not able to take you to sectionals due to work, no car, etc., please make every effort to see if you can get a ride from another student. Parents, if you are able and willing to give a ride to a fellow Stockton Band member that plays the same instrument as your child, it would be greatly appreciated!

Fun fact: Many years ago while they were still in school, Mr. Medrano and Mr. Wilson used to give rides to their fellow band members so that they would be able to attend sectionals!

What time will the Band Hall open and where do I get dropped off?

The Band Hall will open at 7:10AM on sectional days. See the map below on where to get dropped off.

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A video for you to enjoy!

Penny Lane - Canadian Brass LIVE at UNT - 2019

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