Meriwether Lewis

Famous Missourian by Solomon Foster

Early life/Education

Meriwether Lewis was born at Locust Hill plantation in Albemarle County Virginia. Coincidentally Lewis was born within riding distance of president Thomas Jefferson's home the Monticello. He was the son of William and Lucy. Lewis received a basic education and later joined the military.

Interesting facts

President Thomas Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis to go on a journey to see if there was a waterway link from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis met with scientists in Philadelphia, who tutored him in astronomy, botany, meteorology, natural history, and science to help him better understand and record what he would see on the journey west. William Clark was the co-commander of the military expedition.

Major struggles/hardships

After successfully completing the exploration of the land in the west, Meriwether Lewis became the governor of the Louisiana Territory. He died of multiple gunshots on a trip to Washington D.C. People are not sure if it was suicide or murder.