Extracurricular Activities

Jaela Young

Extracurricular Activity Involvement Affects College Acceptance by Petersons Staff

Sometimes colleges dont nessecarily focus on the grades, even thought that is important, they want to know what activites your were involved in and what you like to do. Whether its volunteer work, sports, choir, etc. They want to know if your able to do sports and clubs that interest and show who you are. I personally think that being able to be flexible with extracurricular activities and academics is an important characteristic to possess. You don't have to have a long list of stellar accomplishments to receive a college acceptance, you just have to show them some level of commitment, leadership, etc. For example, if a student attended a chess club weekly and another student made the chess clinic and tournament at a nearby junior high, then made another one at a homeless shelter, the second student would more than likely be looked at by colleges than the first student. In conclusion, colleges will except you if you are able to show leadership and commitment , etc.
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