The Preschool Learning Center

Newsletter #4-April 2

What a busy week!!!

This week we were busy making ice cream, learning about fruits, veggies and exercise, learning about musical instruments and going down to the band room. We also learned about colors and the difference between smooth and bumpy when it came to food and we got to play soccer and basketball in the lobby. We also made our own cars out of boxes. We were very busy this week!!!

Music and Athletics soothes the wild beast or brings out the best in us!!

I've seen it so many times…We go down to the music room and Mr. Verrastro asks me to choose my most active young child to be the next conductor of his band and he quickly brings that child up to the front of his band to lead his band. Soon every child, including some of our most shy children want a turn. It is an amazing sight to watch. (I will be sending you all your individual videos if your child participated in that) The same was true when our other Child Care took them to the lobby to teach them soccer, basketball and bowling. Soon we had potential soccer players, basketball players, and bowlers, including those who have never talked to us in the room yet--they were truly into the activity almost professional. It was a wonderful day, a day we strive for!!! An Awesome day!!!!

SWHS Preschool Learning Center

We are a preschool lab school that runs within the high school. The students run the lessons, supervised by a certified teacher. Field trips are plenty and to places such as the band classes, botany greenhouse, etc. We have guest lectures such as the teacher who works with snakes and other reptiles, and other teachers, experts in their fields.

Painting with fruits and veggies?

Can you believe we also painted with broccoli and bananas and carrots? Oh MY!!!

That was after we discussed them again!!!

We had lots of fun discussing these vegetables and fruits!!!

And we got to use the easel for free time one day and used watercolor paints.