Africa Physiogrphic Features

By:Karen Gaspar


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain African it is 19,341ft. Mount Kilimanjaro is an extinct volcano but it could erupt again. You should visit mount kilimanjaro because you can climb it and look at the beautiful view of everything from the top. Mount Kilimanjaro also has wildlife to see so you can hang out.


The Nile River is the longest river in the world it is 4,258 miles long. The Nile river is an important source of hydroelectric power. The Nile river flows from the high mountains in the middle regions of Africa north the Nile delta.You should visit the nile because it has over 240 riverboats sail up and down the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, but they also make stops to see temples. You should also visit the nile because you can bungee jump the nile!!!!!


Kalahari Desert covers 100,000 square miles of Africa. Kalahari Desert is a rare desert and has grass growing on it. Kalahari is home to many big cats such as cheetahs, lions ,and leopards.You should goto Kalahari Desert because you can go sand boarding. You should also visit Kalahari Desert because you can go dune bugging.


Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean and is deforested. There economy is overwhelming with agricultural beliefs. Madagascar is the fourth largest island. It broke away from Africa 165 million years ago. You should go to Madagascar because you can go snorkeling in the Ile sainte Marie. You should also visit it because you can go see Tsingy de bemaraha because it is one of the most attraction reserve.