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Mrs P's Stella & Dot Team 24th January 2015

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Majestics Taking Over OXFORD!

Head Office are holding an opportunity event (MSD - Meet Stella & Dot) in central Oxford on Monday 26th Jan.

I am going up for the day and hitting the streets and cafes of Oxford with Stylists Fiona Hancox and Claire Harding, hoping to meet some fun stylish women to invite to the MSD in the evening.


Please chat to anyone you may know in this area and reach out and invite them along to the MSD, they can see the Spring collection over a glass of wine and just chat with us. Even if it's not right for them, they may be able to invite other locals that they know... we need to get some momentum going, so my challenge to all of you is to think about who you know in the area and use them as a point of referral, ask them to share the invitation... come along, or send others along... who knows, YOU could end up with a new Stylist on your team!

Although we have team members in Oxfordshire, it is a hugely untapped market, up for grabs! I will shortly be starting up a monthly Stylist Meeting in Oxford to support our growth and development in the area.

It is worth mentioning to your customers as well, they may have contacts in the area...

Sponsoring Tip of the Week

It makes sense.

If you aren't having any joy sitting at home talking to your contacts about the Stylist opportunity, then LEAVE THE HOUSE!

Go out into the world, wearing your S&D and your Big Girl Pants.

Whether you are running errands or deliberately going 'fishing' to meet new contacts, THIS WORKS!

Running errands etc?

Strike up as many conversations as you can with people (the lady in the bank, the hairdresser, the checkout girl etc) casually drop S&D into the conversation, exchange details with eachother and Boom! all of a sudden you have a whole new pool of contacts!!!

The trick is being confident in what you say to them (See the 60 Second Commercial document in SDU). I get a lot of 'love your necklace' I reply with, 'Thanks, it's Stella & Dot' I usually get a blank look, then I explain, 'I run my own business with S&D, we are a gorgeous accessories brand not available in the shops, here, have one of these (hand a mini LB over to them).... depending on their level of interest (some people do look at me like I'm an absolute nutter!! - their LOSS) I will then say something like 'let me take your email address and I can send you a link to the main catalogue'... then I also get their phone number as well, but asking for email first works well. If they seem really keen I will invite them to a local meeting and ask if I can find them on Facebook.


Be sure to have pen and paper, phone, and some sort of handout such as a mini lookbook (even if it's an old one).

Rockstar Stylists of the Week

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Sprint to Win Jewels!

Level 1:

Sell 750 PQV between the 1st-31st Jan and you will be getting your hands on some gorgeous Summer Collection earrings!

Level 2:

Sell 1,500 PQV between the 1st Jan - 28th Feb and you'll earn yourself a stunning Summer Collection necklace!
Level 1 Earners:

Vicky Massey

Fiona Hancox

Jen Hutchings

Forthcoming Events:

A Word About Stock

I understand it is annoying when a popular piece is out of stock. My suggestion would be:

  • If items are low in stock on the product alert list, don't display them at your Trunk Show.
  • If you have the out of stock item, sell your sample and keep the cash to buy back when it becomes available.
  • If a customer really wants a piece that is out of stock, take her order details and treat it as a pre-order, once the item is back in stock, order as normal (obv this may affect TS hostess rewards), however, you still get the sale and offer great service to your customer.

Within the retail industry, when an item is so popular that it sells out, it is considered a success. We are so lucky to have such sought after designs and such an enormous collection of alternatives to choose from.

I always remember when I first started, Jessica Herrin got asked this question at Training and her response was to shift the stock that we have right now, which goes back to my first point about only displaying items that are actually available.

Hope this helps x

Head Office Training This Week

Leader Call, Monday 26th January, 2.30pm

Access code: 792862

Stars and Above only

Business Blitz, Tuesday 27th January, 10.00am

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

From UK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access Code: 908470

New Stylist Training Webinar, Tuesday 27th January, 1.00pm

Please use the dial in numbers below to listen to the webinar:

From UK: 0800 358 6387

From Ireland: 1800 937 650

From France: 0800 946 532

From Germany: 0800 588 9171

Access code: 866 173 0714 #

To watch the webinar click here

Become a Stylist Webinar, Wednesday 28th January, 1.00pm

From UK: 0800 358 6385

From Ireland: 1800 937 649

From France: 0800 946 531

From Germany: 0800 588 9170

Access code: 374 312 0107 #

To watch the webinar click here

Become a Stylist Call, Wednesday 28th January, 8.00pm

UK freephone : 0800 358 6385

UK from mobile: 0845 351 2782

Ireland freephone: 1800 937 649

Ireland mobile: 1890 907 630

Participant Access Code: 374 312 0107 #

Tips from the top, Sponsoring to Succeed – Power Prospecting the Basics, Thursday 29th January, 11.00am

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

From UK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access code: 498979

Have a great week!

Your Field Dev Team xo

Joyful January Club

Let me know once you have joined our Joyful January Club!

Attend a Spring Rally

Invite potential Stylists to a Spring Rally (& message me their names & which rally you invited them to)

Hold 3 Trunk Shows (can include open house, sample sales & pop ups)

Sell 500PQV (about £420)

Message me your progress and Club Member Prizes will be announced...

Getting a few No's??? Just Shake it off and keep going!!!!

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off