Save Helpless Saiga Souls

Help me save them, help the WORLD save them !

What is a Saiga?

The Saiga is an antelope that lives in Central Asia and is critically endangered and needs help. Some of their other names are Mongolian Saiga and Saiga Antelope. There used to be over 20,000,000 Saigas living free in the wild. But then, disaster struck.

Where do They Live?

The Saiga lives in the steppes of Central Asia, near the base of a plateau.

Why Did They Die?

The 20,000,000 that were alive, almost went extinct. The reasons why they died were from a lung disease, a shuttle landing that had a deadly gas that killed some of them, habitat destruction, and from poaching. The reason people are poaching is because the Saigas horns are used in a traditional Chinese medicine. Another reason why is because the Russians like to grill the Baby Saigas meat.

Why are They Important ?

The reason they are important is because they have country symbolism. They are like our Bald Eagle to Kazakstan, a country originally populated by Saiga's. They are even on some Kazakian coins. So killing them or poaching, is like killing Bald Eagles.

What Effects do They Have in Their Ecosystem?

Another effect they have is in their food web. If the Saiga dies, the grass and shrubs that they eat (the Saiga is a herbivore), will not get eaten and will get thick and tall. That will cause the small herbivores to have nothing to eat because they are not tall enough to reach the branches. It will also cause the carnivores such as wolves and wild dogs to have no Saigas to eat. That will mean that they will have to kill the small herbivores. Then the small herbivores will have a loss of population. Then the carnivores will fight over food. Which will cause a mass loss of carnivores. Which will cause a herbivore come back , and there will be nothing to eat them.

Why do They Have Horns and Noses?

The male Saiga has horns to help them defend the females and the babies. They have a weird nose because in the winter they warm the air in their nose so they can conserve body heat when they breath the air in.

Pictures of Saigas

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Will They Survive?

Right now there is only a estimated 400 left living. So the answer to that problem probably no unless they get you and my help. So please help us SAVE SAIGAS!