Global Warming

by Christopher Lubrano

What is climate change?

Global climate is the change in the climate of our planet. We should be worried about this because it affects plants, animals, how things grow, and our seasons. The effect is that we could lose food and certain species of animals. If it’s affecting shorelines, ecosystems change. Furthermore, many of the world’s cities are along shorelines and have large populations.


Why is our world getting warmer?

Global warming is primarily caused by emissions from burning fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gasses. Burning fossil fuels is releasing carbon dioxide and methane into our atmosphere, which is trapping heat and warming our climate.

What's the effect of global warming?

There are many potential consequences of global warming. If the world’s climate warms up it can affect plants and animals; some animals may not be able to live in their current habitats and certain crops may not grow; these changes could impact the world’s food supply which could lead to shortages and changes to supply and demand. Many of the world’s large populations that live in cities along coastlines could also be affected. Global warming could lead to rising sea levels and cities becoming underwater.

How can we help?

We can all do our part to reduce global warming. We can use less fossil fuels by driving small cars, planting trees, and growing our own food. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide with their photosynthesis, and if you grow your own food, trucks don’t have to burn fossil fuels transporting produce. You can use less energy by turning the lights off and the thermostat down to use less fuel. When you’re older, you could get a job that works to help the environment. Working together can make a difference