The Art and Science of Teaching

Robert J. Marzano~a study group for EES Staff (Ch1, JMiller)

Chapter 1: What will I do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success?

This is instructional design question one of ten, of Marzano's comprehensive framework for effective instruction and encompasses the most basic issue a teacher can consider (p. 9). This design question actually includes three very distinct, yet highly related elements: 1) setting and communicating learning goals, 2) tracking student progress, and 3) celebrating success (p. 9).

What does Marzano say?

"Major reviews of research on the effects of formative assessment indicate that it might be one of the more powerful weapons in a teacher's arsenal." - Marzano

Theory into Practice ~ What I have figured out works. ~ J.Miller

"You get good at what you practice." ~ J.Miller

Marzano's Action Steps

1. Make a distinction between learning goals and learning activities or assignments.

2. Write a rubric or scale for each learning goal.

3. Have students identify their own learning goals.

4. Assess students using a formative approach.

5. Have students chart their own progress on each learning goal.

6. Recognize and celebrate growth.

"Knowledge gain is the currency of student success in a formative assessment system." -Marzano

My final suggestions: Start small. Keep it simple. Make 1-3 changes per year your goal. If you make it further, GREAT!