changes happening in work place

ryan howe

influx of workers from the eu-impact of this locally or across the uk

there are allot of people coming to this con-trey to get jobs but they go for the low paid jobs that we don't think are good and so what happens is the forners get the low paid jobs and it is allot of money to them so they work hard and send the money home and it is allot of money in their con trey and they are only taking jobs that we don't want and the jobs that they do is picking vegetables cleaning and also care assistant and their real inst any point of people complaining that people from other countries taking all the jobs because it inst true the only way you are going to get a job is by looking everywhere for one you just have to find a job because they are out thier

closure of businesses reducing the opportunity to work-what businesses have closed recently

some businesses get shut down because they don't want to move with the times like for example Woolworth got shut down because they didn't do any delivery or sales online to advertise . truth is everything is becoming online shopping now so it is mainly about doing stuff online to advertise and then since everything is online eventually they wont need people on tills in supermarkets because everyone will get them delivered to their house so they will only use storage units eventually and they will only need a few workers and that is it. examples of shut down businesses: Woolworth netto comet jjb

fewer jobs for life -what is/was a job for life

there are no jobs for life anymore because they are always shutting down shops and even-where you work now that shop can get shut down at any moment and you will have to look for a new job the only jobs that were for life are the ones that where back in the 80s like their where coal miner jobs for life but we don't have knows these days so the truth is you will have to keep jumping from job to job

increased use of technolgy in the workplace-implications

these days they use more high tech gadgets like for example every work place in the UK has something to do with computers because their are only a few jobs left where you don't have to use allot of technology but everything is computerized now like for example you wouldn't think you would have to use a computer device in a shop but you do because the tills are computerized and also they self checkouts are computerized as well and also it will be hard for the older generations to use these gadgets because they wont be use to it and also they might not want to use the new gadgets so they might quit

better?higher level qualifications needed by employers -what happens to those who don't have them

these days they are wanting people with good qualifications to get the jobs because they don't want some one who dosent have hardly any because they believe now if you don't have the grade you wont know what your doing like for example the older generations grades wont be as high as the younger generations grades so they will want to employ the younger generation for the job because they will think they know what they are doing

increase in the older population not wanting to retire

the new retirement age is 68 but now you dont have to retire because  thier is no retierment age and also since there is not alot of people retiering it causes problems because young people cant get jobs because they are still in work and also you cant retire these days because it costs over much and you cant live off your pention with how much  everything costs

increase in services industries -are these jobs well paid or perment

catering is a low paid job you wont get alot of money from been a chef and also you will get bad hours like you will start work at 8:00 in the morning and you will finish at 10:00 at night and some chefs just live of tips and also in some restrunts they wont allow tips

been in the retail businesses you will get low paid money for example working in a supermarket you are only making 689 pound a month and that will not be enough to pay bill never mind get food and all jobs work ing in shops are low paid

effects of the recession on certian jobs sectors -which companies /jobs suffered

i know that since the recession has start alot of people have lsot jobs like for example where i live acouple of years ago the bacon factory got shut down and 1000 people lost thier jobs and that was they need to cut back because the goverment didnt have any fundings to keep the to work thier and it is happening to all buinessess in this contrey and people are finding it hard to pay tax and rent and that why thier is so much homeless and amazone sufferd from the reccession  and they nearly went bust and also wallmat nearly went bust as well

what type of companies are expanding and creating jobs locally and across the uk

super markets are creting more jobs becuase they are expanding thier buissness by making more supermarkets because it will give the other supermarkets more competition so all the new supermarkets they are making they are going to need people that can do all the jobs so they will hier more people and also they might expand the store in the futer so they will be more jobs

zero hours contrasts-implications

you sign a contract but you arnt in for any hours but they can phone you to come in to do any work at any time they want you to work and also you never know when you are gonna get any work because you might not get work for two weeks

eplain how hese changes might effect someones caree plans

people will have to retrian to do what they want to do they will have to pay for it yourself if you are over the age of 19 and also you will have to learn this in night class and like for example ict you have to retrian that every couple of years because they keep updating software all the time

if you are planning on leaving college getting a job and moving up the ladder thats where your wrong because if you plan something it never goes to plan when you get im to a job you might not stay in that job for long because it might get shut down or they might have to let you go so you will have to move around for another job

you might have to be more flexible because you might have to get a zero hour contract where you might be asked to go into work at any time and you wont get much money from it and also how are you supposed to pay rent and for food bills because in zero hour contract you might not get a job till 1 month later and that will be bad because you will have no money by then

you might have to do split shits that is where you work in the morning and then you come back at night and there is a big problem with this and ti is that you might miss out on your social life at night when you go out drinking with your friends and since you are working all the time you will lose contact with your friends

you might have to move away for a job and that will make things hard because if you have a family you will need to pay for travel costs and it will not be cheap and also if you move abroad to get a job you wont see your family very much and if you have kids you will miss out on them growing up and also you will only be able to go home every couple of months and also you wont know how long you will have this job for abroad and you could loss your job there and also you would of moved there for nothing

yes it does matter if you get an apprentaship job because it means you will only been trained in that one thing and if you go to college or uni you can furthere your education once you get the grades you want and you could go onto something else where you could learn more skills so you dot just have the one skill just to go into one job because it is better having four skills instead of one so if you cant get the job you want you can get a job in another department since you wen t and learnt in something else as well so in the end college and university might befit you just a little bit more than apprentiship