Tech Tip Tuesday

20 January 2015

With just one click...

With just one click, you can now search all of our resources! In the past, you had to search each of our resources separately. Whether you wanted an eBook or a print book , a database or an news article, a website or an encyclopedia had to search in each place individually.

Now, with Universal Search, you can search all of our resources we purchase or subscribe to at one time--print and digital! And, select quality websites are also included in this search! This search includes:

  • ABC-Clio History Databases
  • World Book Encyclopedias
  • Ebsco (great for newspaper and magazine articles and subject specific databases)
  • Follett eBooks
  • Destiny (to search our print and AV catalog)
  • Gale Databases (It does not search Artemis Literary Sources, and that's a great place to search for full-text literary content. Search Artemis through our Database page.)

Check out the quick tutorial below to see how it works. One key is signing in. You have to sign into Destiny first with your universal username and password (student or staff), and then choose "Universal Search" in the catalog. If you don't sign in, you'll only see our print and digital books and the selected websites. You will not see our databases and encyclopedias we subscribe to.

I'd be happy to show you more or work with your classes to show them anytime! Let me know if you have any questions. :)

New Universal Search for MRHS

Bonus Chrome Tip

Check out VoiceNote II below. It's a cool Chrome extension that allows you to speak into a microphone, and then the app dictates your voice to text. It's not perfect, but it would be a great way for students to practice reading fluency. And, it's perfect when you're feeling lazy and don't want to type. ;) It creates the note in a separate notepad. You can then save that note or copy and paste it into an e-mail, Google Doc, or other program.


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