We Didn't Start The Fire.

Madiyn Schlicher

The Cold War

The cold war was between the USSR and the U.S , they both had nuclear weapons and they were affriad of the threat the had against each Allies during World War II. They became enemies and competitors immediately following the war. t also created Containment to stop the spread of communism and to promote the growth of democracy. The main combatants were Cuba, union, Germany, ussr China, Taiwan and NATO. This war started in July of 1945 and ended December of 1991

Event's of The Cold War

Khrushchev was the leader of the Soviet union and a Russian Politician. He had a complicated relationship with the West because he believed in communism. He was the new leader after. He was a big deal to all of this because he was a leader of the USSR, and was responsible for a lot of things. He made things to help people, but the US didn't like him because he was encouraging the spread of communist, and the US wanted to do everything he could to stop the spread of it because they hated communism

The H-bomb was a huge hydrogen bomb that was a huge threat during the Cold War. The Soviet union and us would use them to make threats against one another, and they would work, but they were always in fear that one or the other would set of the bomb and destroy each other. This escalted the war because now they would always try to up the other and get bigger and more powerful weapons to try and scare the other one to backing out of the war, but no bombs went off.
The Cuban Missile crisis was one of the biggest things that happened during the cold war because they have a huge bomb just pointed at each other getting ready to blow up one another because they thought it would scare them straight out of the war, but they didn't thay had people scared for days, and they had it stopped and pointed at them for 13 days having everyone in fear that there homes, and family and friends would be destroyed or killed because of it.
Castro was the leader of Cuba and controlled all of what Cuba did and during the Cold War , and he was the first communist. He ruled Cuba for 5 years until he handed it down to hos brother. He wanted the world to become communist and this is why America didn't like Castro as the lead of Cuba. He wanted everyone to become a communist and become a communism contry.

Around The USA and World

Psycho was a thriller movie made in the 1960. It is about a girl named Marion Crane who steals a lot of money from an employer. She ends up at a hotel and the owner is Norman Bates. It changed the way scary movies were made, and it was created by Alfred Hitchcock, and they say it was one of the scariest movies by far he has created. It was a different type of scary movies that were begin made I 1960, and it was looked at very differently then other scary movies, because there was a homicide involved and that usually that didn't happen in movies during the 1960's and that is why it was looked at so differently.

Marilyn Moroe was a sex symob during the Cold War time. she was married a grant total of times, but the fourth marraige only lasted a few days in Mexico, but they never found a marriage certificate to confrim it. she had over 12 brand new cars, and very high end. There are also reports saying that she had got abortions and by the age of 29 they say she had up 12 of them. she has won over 20 movie award from different films she stared in. she died from possible suicide on August 5th at the age of 36.

Terror on the airlines was a big part in the 1980's. It was one of the top threats of this time. In 1976 air France Flight 138 took off and ended up being taken over by two Palestinian member from the PFLP and two other germans. They hijacked the plane and took it to Benghazi, Libya. They had orders and if they were not followed they would be killed. This was one of many planes that got hijacked during this time. This was a huge threat because there were many things being transported with planes, and other things because they couldn't have planes being hijacked and other things happening to the things they need

Disneyland just had opened in 1955 in California. This was a huge deal because after all the Disney movies being released they finally had a park that represented it all. it was for family enertainemnt, and amusement with all the rides they provide. There weren't very many amusement parks like this in 1955 so this was a big deal. They spent over 17 mllion dollars to build Disneyland. They provided different ride, types of shows, an would have many different types of Disney characters walking around greeting people.