Self-Service Update

Here's what's new in Self-Service

04/18/2013 Update

Self-Service is the way teachers/students can install software on their MacBooks. Here's a list of new software and updates in Self-Service.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader has been updated to the newest version (11.x.x).


Dropbox is a great cloud file service. Put your files in dropbox and access them anywhere (computer, phone, iPad, etc) you have internet access. You get 2gb of storage for free.

We just updated Self-Service to the newest version of Dropbox.


Evom is an easy to use file converter for video and audio files. We've just updated it to the latest version.

Firefox 20.0

Firefox is a very popular web browser. This update has the newest version.

Google Chrome

Chrome is the new web browser on the block. It's only been around for a few years, but it's popularity has soared. It's fast and easy to use. We now have the latest version.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google's answer to cloud storage. It integrates with your Google Docs. You can get your files from anywhere you have internet and on any device.

How to Use Self-Service

Launch Self-Service by either browsing for it in the Applications folder, or by clicking the Spotlight tool (magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen) and typing Self Service. Login using your usual school login, then find an app you want to install. Click the install button and wait until it is done. It's that easy!