Kindergarten Update

Mrs Marsh Weiss (Room 4) - April 11

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West Hollywood Elementary Read-A-Thon

The WHE Read-A-Thon starts today and runs till Apr 29. The details about the read-a-thon were sent home in the children's backpack on friday.

In a nutshell, if your child is interested in participating -
  1. Get your child to commit to reading some number of books over the next 3 weeks.
  2. Books must be at their reading level or higher.
  3. Find sponsors, family and friends, who might be willing to donate money because they are are proud of your little one's efforts.
  4. Have your child keep a reading log. And return it every friday.

Christina will be putting up a tree in class, with an apple for every student who wishes to participate. The money goes to the technology program. This includes, Mr Rob, building robots with cublets, contraption maker, build a maze and other such classroom activities.

Important Dates and Reminders

Apr 11-Apr 29 - Read-A-Thon
Tue., Apr 12 - School Tour for Prospective Families
Wed., Apr 13 - Order deadline for Square1 art
Fri., Apr 15 - Coffee at Estrella after dropoff

If you are running late or have a quick message or question, email Ms. Sally at <>

About us

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