Right to Die

The Pros, Cons, and facts

Should a patcient have the right to choose when and if they end their own life?

There are so many different argumrents, but after reading all the infomation listed you should have an idea on what side you are leaning towards.

Pros of "Right to Die"

  • Suffering of the paicents and their loved ones will end in peace.
  • Death won't be a surprise, it can be planned and patients can arrange final goodbyes.
  • The overall healthcare burden on the family is reduced.
  • If the death is planned in advance organs can be harvested and donated.
  • There will be more room in hospice and hospitals for those who do not yet wish to die.

Cons of "Right to Die"

  • If this law is lifted what does that say for the other laws?
  • Doctors may lose respect for intencially ending paicents lives.
  • Life is a sacred gift from God
  • The chance or possiblity for finding cures to these terminal diseases will lower.
  • This law makes suicide seem ok.

The Facts

There are certain regulations in oregon for a person to have the right tio die...

1. an adult (age 18 or older),

2. an Oregon resident,

3. capable (able to make and communicate health care decisions)

4. diagnosed with a terminal illness (a medically confirmed incurable and irreversible condition that, within reasonable medical judgment, will lead to death within six months).

Not all patients who are given the right to die percriptions use them. This graph is an example of how amny peoploe really use ntheir perscription.
"Right to die" became a big issue when people started arguing for it in the early 1990s. It was and is only brought to headlines when there becomes a issue, or when a citizen starts fighting for or agasist it. Brittnany Maynard became a great example of this in 2001 when she moved to Oregon to have thre right to die, she began fighting for this right until her death.
Terri Schiavo is a good example of how people must have certain conditions to have the right to die. Terri was not terminaly ill, nor could she speak to say whether or not she wished to die, this meant Terri did not have the right to die, even though her friends and family fought for it.

The Cold Hard Truth

Many people who live in states/countries/provinces that do not allow Assisisted Suicide are not able to move to a different location where they have the right to die.
Every state that allows right to die has certain regulations, such as

  • Termially ill
  • You can speak your opinion

Though there are many others those are the two main regulations.
Only four states in alll of the US allow Asscited Suicide.

They are...

  • Oregon
  • Montana
  • Vermont
  • Washigton

Everyone has an opinion, now here is mine

I think everyone deserves a choice, and no one should be forced to live though that much pain. I also think people many take advantage of Assisted Suicide or get the wrong example from it. Overall I believe that no one should be forced to do anything with their own life. Assisted Suiside effects those who want to live and charice every moment.

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