Planet X (pt.2)

welcome lets talk of Planet X


hi there as you see I've talked of Planet X last time right if you ask why is because in some paces you see two suns that's very dangerous because the planet is made mostly of fire and lava if its close enough um well you know fireballs and everything so im prepared how you ask well the bible said everything i'm seeing is what will happens on the end of the world so im being saved by god search your religion or go to church until the day come and be saved


if you ask what is salvation is where god saves you on the last day of earth for you not to suffer well if you get saved you go to haven how you get saved is go and accept on church that you are a gods child a christian and go all the time all Sundays without missing until the day come then if you did no wrong being a christian you will be saved thanks for reading and follow me on Google+ my name is war 18 thanks for reading bye
The Plan of Salvation - God's Bridge