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Tips for 1:1 iPad Integration - September 23, 2014

Way to Go 5th Grade Parents!!

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A big Chief Shout Out goes to our 5th grade teachers, students, and most especially parents! We are piloting the taking home of iPads with our 5th graders, and we had all but 3 parents show up for Parent Orientation Meetings! That means taking iPads home is coming really soon for our 5th graders. We hope the 4th graders will be able to follow suit very soon!

An App and a Snack

Today we will be looking at all of the different Legos that are available for you to use in your classroom. Come prepared to be hands on and play around with the Legos a little. I will share ideas for how they have been used in the classroom in the past, and we can all share ideas for using them this year.

Next week we will skip An App & A Snack due to the Book Fair being open late on Tuesday and Miss Truluck's "Readers Today, Leaders Tomorrow" workshop.

Tech Integration Updates

1st & 2nd grade iPads are being imaged as I write this newsletter. Thanks to the teachers who shared their class lists with numbers as this will make assigning iPads to students easier. While we are waiting for 5th (and later 4th ) grade iPads to go home, there will be a shortage of charging carts for your classrooms. If you have an idea of how you can store and charge your iPads without a cart for now, please let me know!!

Photos - As more and more of our students begin using iPads on a daily basis, we need to be sure we talk to them about downloading (or taking) hundreds of photos. Let's try to encourage students to only take or download photos when it is a part of a lesson. Also let's keep reminding them to have a "selfie" as a lock screen and as their profile picture on Edmodo. Thanks!

Earbuds - If anyone has students who have not been able to bring in earbuds so far this year, please let me know. I do have a limited supply that I can share with our less fortunate students.

Last Call

I am still seeking some teachers to help planning some STEM activities this year! A big thanks goes out to Mrs. Horton and Mrs. Keenan for being the only 2 volunteers so far!! The 3 of us will be getting together very soon to start talking about how we are going to incorporate STEM activities throughout the year.

Don't you want to come and join us??


If you don't already like Chapman's Facebook page, please do! And if you would like your students to be stars on Facebook, just send me photos or videos and I will put them up! Parents love to see thier kids on Facebook!Here's the link:

Digital Citizenship Lessons

I have still not heard from some of you about any digital citizenship lessons that you have taught in your classroom. If you have not started teaching these lessons yet, please come see me so we can get at least one planned before this month is over!

Having said that, I know some of you are looking ahead to October (yes, it is next week). I think it might make sense to start looking at how to search for information. For K-2, try "ABC Searching" or "Using Keywords." For 3-5, I would highly recommend "The Key to Keywords." I saw Mrs. Green teach that one last year, and it was very good!

Remember that it is my goal for all of you to be certified digital citizenship educators by Common Sense Media by the end of this year. If you let me know when you teach the lessons, I will know when you are ready to apply for this certification!

Student Tech Experts

Do you have a student who is the tech expert in your classroom? Someone who always seems to jump in and help the other students with technology issues? If you do, how about nominate them to join the new and improved Geek Squad at Chapman. These students will receive just a bit of training and then be your go-to in the classroom when issues arise. That means you will not have to stop what you are doing every time a student has an issue.

Be sure to nominate students to me to join this new team!

Chapman Elementary

As always, I am here to help you integrate technology into your lessons. Please let me know how I can be of assistance.