A Tale Of Two Cities

Charles Dickens

What this all about?

What do you know about A Tale of Two Cities? What do you know about the French Revolution? What do you want to know? We will make a KWL chart on Popplet to get started

What were the rising actions, conflicts, falling actions, and resolutions in A Tale of Two Cities?

Use Popplet to make a graphic organizer to describe the literary terms stated above.

Why is it important that this text was written?

Groups will research what they find out about the French Revolution and what was going on in England at the time that A Tale of Two Cities was written. We will then post it on Paddlet. Don't forget to cite your sources!

What current events could this book be applied to today?

Do some critical thinking and post your answers on Paddlet! Feel free to do a little research if need be!

Do you think that any of the conflicts could have been avoided?

Create a cause and effect flow chart on Popplet!

Did the text serve the purpose that it was meant for?

Add to your KWL chart on Popplet!

Create a project of some kind that answers the previous questions and demonstrates your understanding of the book

Be creative!