POHW After poster

by Andrew Hamula

1) Hollis' Outlook on life

In the end, Hollis is happy to be a part of the Regan family.

Page- 164

Quote- There are five of us instead of four.

2) Hollis trusting people

Toward the end, Hollis is starting to trust people such as the Regans.


Quote- We've been hoping you would come back to the family.

3) Stevens relationship with the old man

In the middle of the book, Steven and the old man don't get along very well. Steven is always messing things up and the old man gets mad.

page- 156

quote- You guys are still arguing?

4) Hollis & Mustard Lady.

In the end Hollis is trying to be more friendly with the mustard lady.

page - 86

quote - pretend we weren't running and we would be ok

5) Hollis vs stevens truck driving

In the end when Steven goes up the mountain he crashes and get sent to the hospital.

page -133

quote - but i didn't really sleep, the sound first, a screeching metal, tearing, as if the truck were dying, the wheel swerving, a tree slowing us down, its branches cracking, breaking, leaves covering the windshield

6) Hollis vs herself

Hollis thinks that she is making the family get torn apart and she thinks that the crash was her fault.

page - 145

quote - It wasn't Stevens fault, I went up the mountain first.

7) Hollis and the Regans

Hollis thinks that she is making the family get torn apart. Which is why she ran away.

page- 145

quote- It was may fault.