Middle School Update

August 21, 2015

New School Year Resolutions

I read this article on setting resolutions for the new school year, and it resonated with me. As we work with our students to set goals for this year, I encourage you to set some professional goals. I'm working on some of my tech skills, as you can see from this newsletter format. What about you?

Open Up!

Just a reminder to please keep your blinds open. Why? The number one reason is for child safety. Another reason is accountability to others walking by and seeing what the kids are doing. Open blinds also communicate our value of an open, caring community. Thanks!

Important Dates

Tuesday: PD Meeting, 4:00, Rm. 23 - Bring your laptop. Take the survey below.

August 31: Merdeka Day, No School

Sept. 1: Divisional Meeting, 4:00, Rm. 23

Sept. 8: Fire Drill, 9:10 AM

Sept. 9: PD: Fixes 1-3

Sept. 12: Community BBQ, 5:30

A Repair Kit for Grading

In PD this year, we're focusing on assessment. We'll be basing our study on the book A Repair Kit for Grading. Please start by taking this survey. Be honest. There's no judgement here. The goal is for us to work together to develop some consistent MS grading policies. Please complete the Survey on Marking and Grading Practices before our meeting on Tuesday.

Technology Presentation Ideas

Tired of using and viewing PowerPoints all the time? Here are some other presentation ideas for you or your students to use. One is this newsletter format, but there are also other types of presentation ideas that would be fun for the kids. I found this very helpful! I wonder if we could put our whole learning matrix on a Symbaloo page? It has all of the tiles we need. . .
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