E Team Newsletter

Week of April 7th


You have probably heard about Kahoot! We have had a blast learning with Kahoot! Students love the interactive on-line games for learning new information and reviewing information. Students compete to get the highest points. In order to earn point you have to not only get the correct answer but to be in the top five quickest to answer. Kahott also shows how each team answers using a graph and shows the final results by points along with a downloadable file in Excel. This helps me the teacher plan what needs to be taught or reviewed as a whole groups. If you happen to walk by when we are playing there is LOUD LEARNING taking place! #loudlearning

Use Google Chrome to open www.Kahoot!.com

To play http:kahoot.it

We {LOVE} Blackburn

Mr. Hefner asked Blackburn students write about why they loved Blackburn. He is going to use this information at the Teacher Fair to help recruit new teachers. Students were asked to write a sentence or more if they wanted to share why they LOVE Blackburn. It was not a "must" assignment but a "choice." We hope you enjoy reading what the students wrote.

Math and Science

We are completing our unit on Decimals this week with adding and subtracting decimals. It is important when adding and subtracting decimals to 'line up' the decimals vertically prior to computing the problem. Comparing decimals continues to prove to be a challenge for many students, but we will continue to review the concept together.

Accelerated Math: Our 4th graders are making excellent progress in AM this quarter. I can't believe that 8 students have already mastered at least 27 objectives ~ and that's our goal for the quarter!!! They did this in three weeks. I even had Haley Johnston master 32 objectives in one week! Unbelievable! Way to go boys and girls!

Students enjoyed our trip to the Science Center to learn about the Earth, Moon and Stars. Going into the planetarium is a special treat and a great learning experience. Thanks to our chaperones for making this trip possible. We will soon begin our Animals/Adaptation Unit in science.

Dates to Remember

April 11th - Reading is Magic

April 11th - Talent Show

April 17th - Diamond Dell visits 4th Grade - Students may bring money to purchase rocks and gems

June 2nd - K-2 Field Day

June 3rd - Ready EOGs

June 4th - Ready EOGs

June 5th - NC Extend 2 EOG/5th Grade EOG

June 6th - NC Extend 2 EOG/5th Grade EOG

June 9th - 3-6 Field Day

June 11th - Make Up Field Day if needed

June 12th - Award Ceremonies

Awards Ceremonies

1st-2nd Grade 10:30 am

3rd-5th Grade 8:30 am

June 13th - Last Day of School