The Elevator

By: Jordan Pliett

The cost an elevator the year it was built

It cost $300 to buy one.

A bit about the inventor

Elisha Graves Otis (August 3, 1811 – April 8, 1861) was an American industrialist, founder of the Otis Elevator Company, and inventor of a safety device that prevents elevators from falling if the hoisting cable fails. He worked on this device while living in Yonkers, New York in 1852, and had a finished product in 1854. From (

Who invented it

Elisha Otis invented it as well as a safety device to keep it from falling.

The intended purpose of the elevator.

To get people up to higher floors while not fatiguing them.

Where to contact to buy one.

Otis Elevator Company, Inc.

One Farm Springs Road
Farmington, Connecticut 06032
Telephone: (860) 676-6000
Toll Free: (800) 676-5111
Fax: (860) 676-5111
Web site: