Sunflower Arrangement

Principles of Design and Elements Mini Project

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Principles of Design

Proportion: the relationship in size between the size and quantity of the sunflowers and the roses are pretty great. The sunflowers are much bigger, however, there are more roses than sunflowers because of the size. Also, the tall fillers in the arrangement are much taller.

Balance: There seems to be balance and physical stability in the arrangement. Everything is even and in place, nothing is leaning. The visual appearance of it is very good.

Dominance: The dominant flowers in this arrangement are the sunflowers, it has more visual interest and dominance over the others.

Design Elements

Shape: It has a kind of circular shape to it.

Pattern/Texture: It has a round pattern, it had both positive and negative space within it. It also has contrasting textures within the arrangement.

Space: It has mainly positive space in the arrangement but at the top there is negative space between the tall plants.

Color: The colors in the arrangement are very vivid and stand out. I feel that people would be more visually attracted to it.

Size: The size of the arrangement is just right, the dimensions are good it's not too tall out of the container but it's not too short either.

Line: They sort of go outwards to the left and right, but overall the line is going up